A unique opportunity steeped in heritage

The Wharf offers a rare opportunity to join Newcastle’s vibrant and flourishing Honeysuckle precinct. Situated right on the waterfront, this historic site is perfectly positioned to become a must-visit destination of timeless appeal that both locals and tourists can enjoy.

With its proximity to the city’s cultural hub, the Honeysuckle precinct currently experiences high pedestrian foot traffic, ensuring The Wharf benefits from prominent exposure. The north facing building features a clear span design with high ceilings and a refurbished building fabric, and its direct access to a loading zone and multiple access points ensure flexibility for fit out. Additionally, a large wooden deck is currently being constructed over the water, allowing the building to further bask in Newcastle’s prized sunshine.

A heritage icon in the heart of Newcastle.


A due diligence data room has been established and contains contract documents and supporting information. Interested parties can request access to the Data Room by contacting Commercial Collective.


The Wharf is being offered to the Market via a CFP process that has been designed to ensure the future use achieves a high standard of design.

The objective of the CFP process is to attract proponents that will outline their vision for the site and demonstrate their experience and capability to deliver an exceptional attraction.

Proponents must outline the proposed use and business operation, and provide high-level concept plans to demonstrate how the proposal meets the leasing objectives and evaluation criteria. Detailed designs are not required to be lodged as part of the CFP.


All inspections of the site must be arranged with Commercial Collective.


Calls for Proposals have now closed and are being evaluated.


This has been prepared by HCCDC and Commercial Collective to inform potential leasees and assist them in deciding whether they are sufficiently interested in the property offered to proceed with further investigation in relation to the property.

The information contained in this report does not constitute any offer or contract of sale; it is provided as a guide only; and has been prepared in good faith and with due care. Potential leasees must take note that the figures and calculations contained in this report are provided for information and not to be relied on.

Any projections contained in this report represent estimates only and may be based on assumptions that may be incomplete, incorrect or erroneous. Potential leasees must satisfy themselves in relation to all aspects of the report including market conditions; trading; outgoings; fit out costs; and all other matters a prudent leasee would consider relevant.

HCCDC, Commercial Collective or their employees, agents or representatives will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from any statement, figure, calculation or any other information that a potential leasee relies upon that is contained in this report or any other marketing material.

The property will be leased “as is” and “with all faults”, without any representation or warranty as to its condition; fitness for any particular purpose; or compliance with any relevant law, except where provided in the disclosure documents.

HCCDC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to postpone or cancel the proposed leasing of the property and to modify or add any terms and conditions to any proposed contract, vendor’s statement or other material associated with the proposed lease, which may be made available to a potential leasee.


HCCDC all rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means (graphic, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, record taping, or information retrieval).

Honeysuckle Precinct

A Premium Seaside Lifestyle

Significant developments set to attract further visitors, residents and workers to the area include multi-unit residential, commercial and hotel developments being constructed throughout the Honeysuckle precinct.

Further to this, two proposed 5 star hotels positioned within close proximity of the precinct are expected to increase tourism trade significantly. The site also benefits from its proximity to busy pedestrian thoroughfares and the nearby university campus, both ensuring a steady flow of foot traffic.


Join a landmark opportunity

For further information about the project and to access our data room, please contact Adam or Matt from Commercial Collective, their details can be found below.

Adam Leacy

Partner, Commercial

M +61 421 613 160

P 02 4077 5858

E adam@commercialcollective.com.au

Matt Kearney

Partner, Commercial

M +61 427 921 206

P 02 4077 5858

E matt@commercialcollective.com.au